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    BOTERO, Fernando  

BOTERO FERNANDO (1932 - Medellin, Colombia ) Colombian painter.

This Colombian painter and sculpture began his training as an illustrator in 1948 before moving to Madrid in 1952 to study at the San Fernando Academy.

He replaced chiaroscuro with lighter colours in order to express volume, enlarging the size of the figures while the spaces they inhabit were shrunk to an exaggeratedly small size.

This served to satirise the role of these figures in the world. Botero's subjects include washed out still lifes, figures from politics, society and religion, as well as parodies of the great masters. All of these images are quite elastic, thanks in part to a blurred distinction between smooth and hard textures.

Botero's unique sense of humour has earned him a number of important prizes, while his work has been exhibited in internationally famous museums.
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