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    GIGANTE, Giacinto  

GIGANTE Giacinto (1806-1876)

The innovation imposed by Pitloo, in the local tradition of the painting of sceneries, consisted especially of the realistic painting and of the impression of the effects of the light and colors. His was a refence that gave to another great landscape painter of that time: Camille Corot who, with the school of Barbizon, was experiencing for the first time the skill of " en plain air ".

It is necessary to mention that the Neapolitan ambience was in knowledge of the European painting of sceneries, also because the protagonists of these refences, like Corot, Constable, Turner, also visited Italy, giving their knowledge of technical innovations.

After 1837, year that Pitloo died, the indisputable protagonist of " Scuola di Posillipo " was Giacinto Gigante (1806-1876). Son of another painter, Gaetano. Gigante contributed at excellent level the picturesque sensations of his sceneries and landscapes where the feeling always takes advantage of lyrical feeling of intimacy.

The angles at sight have never been wide, but restricted to small spaces addressed with vision almost photographically. The intimate sensation is by-line of the almost banal commonness of the things prefigured that are transfigured into a calm and almost melancholy vision of the reality.

The "Scuola di Posillipo" vanished his major vitality between 1850 and 1860, when the new natural tendencies, which in Naples were introduced especially by the brothers Palizzi, stayed outdated such a strong and so romantic poetry of the painters of this school.
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