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    MONET, Claude  

CLAUDE MONET, french painter (1840-1926)

Monet was born in Paris 14 November in 1840, however he spent mostly of his childhood in Le Havre, where studied drawing in his teens and painted marines at open air with Eugène Louis Boudin.

In 1860 he was related with pre-impressionist painter Édouard Manet and other french painters that later on set up the impressionist school with Camille Pissarro, Pierre Auguste Renoir and Alfred Sisley.

In 1874 Monet and a group of painters including Pissarro and Renoir banded together to form a society of artists. They gave a public exhibition of their work at the studio of a Paris photographer. Monet exhibited a painting called "Impression: Sunrise." His painting gave the group its name, coined in derision by critic Louis Leroy referring to the entire exhibition as "Impressionistic."

Despite the financial failure of this first exhibit, the Impressionist continued to exhibit together until 1886. Monet slowly achieved recognition in the years after the Impressionists disbanded. In 1883, he settled in Giverny,north-west of Paris, in the garden of which he created the famous water-lily pond, which appears in so many of his paintings, continued to paint, and explore his fascination with light until his death on December 5, 1926.
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