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    SOROLLA, Joaqu��n  

JOAQUÍN SOROLLA spaniard painter(1863 - 1923)

An orphan raised by an aunt and uncle, Joquin Sorolla was born in Valencia, Spain in 1863. Displaying an irrepressible love for drawing, Sorolla was enrolled at the Academia de Ballas Artes of San Carlos, winning the triple prize for coloring, drawing from the model and perspective. He also received financial assistance from a gentleman named Garcia, whose daughter Sorolla later married.

Sorolla visited Madrid, spending time there by copying the masterpieces of Velazquez and Ribera in the Prado Gallery. Later Sorolla did the same in Italy, copying the old Italian masters. It was during this time in Italy that Sorolla, the Realist, became aware of the Impressionist revolution in art, and he embraced it.

Among his best-known works are The Second of May, After the Bath, Otra Margarita, The Happy Day and The Sad Inheritance. Sorolla's works depict the wide range of people of his time, from royalty to commoner, all endowed with texture deeper than that of the paint he used.
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