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This idea was born 10 years ago in Italy with the revolutionary idea of producing legal copies of works of art, recreated by experts from across Europe. Now, Pittiarte, its new branch in Barcelona, is proud to offer these masterpieces in Spain.

Pittiarte's gallery is in a privileged location with marvellous views of the Plaza Francesc Macià, inside a stately neoclassical building that provides the perfect background to the works of art on display.



Marcela Mallo, Pittiarte's Manager, studied architecture in Buenos Aires and went on to pursue her career and widen her experience in the art world in New York, Milan, Florence, Rome, Geneva, London, Munich, Monte-Carlo and more recently in Barcelona. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Throughout her career, she has been permanently in contact with auction houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillip’s, Doyle, Finarte and Antiquorum.

Pittiarte has the expertise to cater for private buyers and professionals alike. The options for both markets range from traditional sale to sophisticated systems of leasing or short and long term renting.

  What is Pittiarte.com About us

· Each Pittiarte is an author's copy. That is to say, a genuine reproduction, recreated stroke by stroke from an original painting.

· The path to an Pittiarte begins with a careful study of the original, carried out by artists, restorers and Fine Arts experts. First, they must reveal the style of the Great Masters, discovering colors and techniques which were often kept secret. Their discoveries will later be applied to the copy.




· To transform a white canvas into an Pittiarte also implies recreating the author's mood, reliving the uncontainable spiritual emotion that led a great master to paint a specifi subject.

· Thus an Pittiarte is created. Another great master-piece, emanating all the vigour and texture of the original which a photographic or mechanical reproduction can never deliver, no matter how good.

· The Pittiarte process can be applied to create two effects. Either a painting identical to the original, that looks as if the painter has just completed his work, or a faithful imitation of the present condition of the painting due to the course of time, through a complex weathering process.

  Why an Pittiarte.com About us
· Because the quality of an Pittiarte is guaranteed since each painting is produced by artists who work for the "Fundazione dei falsi d'Autore" - "Foundation for Replicas".

· Because the quality of an Pittiarte has received certified technical approval from museums in France, Benelux and the Fine Arts Academy in Milan.

· Because each Pittiarte is certified unique, by the "Certificado de Falso de Autor" - "Replica Certificate", issued by Pitti Arte Firenze. (Florence, Italy).

· Because each Pittiarte has been painted by hand, rigorously respecting the pictorial technique and painter's original colors, either with oil on canvas or gouache on paper.


· Because Pittiarte is an unsurpassable way to be able to enjoy on a daily basis all the colors of a master piece that can normally only be admired in a museum.

· Because an Pittiarte is affordable and certified legal, allowing you to possess something that is either not for sale or whose acquisition would involve a large investment.

· Because an Pittiarte is not subject to problems posed by the original such as restrictive security measures or costly insurance premiums that do not guarantee the replacement of the original.

· Because an Pittiarte can be chosen from a wide variety of artists and subjects, to suit personal preference as well as to appeal to the taste of the majority.

· Because an Pittiarte is presented in a frame chosen according to the personality of each painting, made with solid wood or metal which enhance the aesthetical beauty of each work of art.

· Because many Pittiarte already form part of the decoration or collections of countless personalities such as Gianni Agnelli, Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren, Arnold Schwarzennegger, Roger Moore, Antonio Banderas, Richard Nixon, Michael Jackson, V. Sgarbi, Lady Diana Spencer or H.M. King Juan Carlos I of Spain.